This page contains the Rules and Amendments of the wikia. The difference between Rules and Amendments is that rules are able to be changed by votes and such, yet amendments will rarely, if ever be changed. This is to ensure natural rights of the users that cannot be violated.


  1. Freedom Of Original Characters:

This amendment exists to ensure that your characters cannot be deleted, unless they are grossly offensive or grossly overpowered. Other restrictions may apply, but are more "Common sense" than "Fine print rule"

  1. Right to Halt Negative Comments

If your page is getting negative comments, you have the right to request that they stop. However, there is a difference between negative comments and criticism. Negative comments are more centered on attacking an OC, while Criticism is dedicated to explaining a fault of an OC and helping the creator attempt to fix it.


  1. Absolutely no bullying.
  2. No "God modding"
  3. No sock-puppeting
  4. No Badge Farming