The Order of the Shaman Stick (or simply, The Order) is a "religious" society dedicated to researching how to shape humanity to rival gods. The Order possesses technology decades or even centuries ahead of the rest of the world. They first started by creating genetically enhanced humans in the 1950's, Dr. Tachibana being one of them. The Order soon decided to move off-planet to avoid suspicion and being caught by others such as the FBI, MI6 or the Illuminati. They currently have a station, The Arbiter, in a polar orbit around the sun, at a distance of 0.925 AU. The Order is based there, sending ships to orbit Earth to recruit new members in the form of preaching. They conduct many experiments there, involving long lifespan, space travel, superhuman projects, and mind uploading. There are also many "Orbital Monasteries", or small space stations in orbit around Earth disguised as satellites; they conduct surveillance of the surface and send agents down to recruit. 

How to Join

To join the Order of the Shaman Stick, you must be invited. The criteria are:

  1. You must know about The Order.
  2. You must pass the Entry Test.
  3. You can't be normal.
  4. You must hand-forge a Shaman Stick.
  5. You must be OK with unethical and inhumane experiments.
  6. You must be devoted to the progression of science.
  7. You cannot be a member of any law enforcement or investigative bureaus (unless you quit).


  • 1845 - Founded by The Mother Alex
  • 1856 - Bentley Neville Thompson born
  • 1886 - Bentley Neville Thompson cryogenically preserved
  • 1890 - Vincent van Gogh fakes suicide and joins The Order, under codename Vinny
  • 1896 - Reaches 1,000 members
  • 1932 - Mother Alex is cryogenically preserved
  • 1949 - Superhuman Project Begun
  • 195X - GM Subject #1163 born, AKA Mikoto Tachibana
  • 1969 - The Arbiter is launched in Siberia
  • 1969 - The Ramen Orbital Monastery launched from Aleutian Islands
  • 1970 - Mother Alex is revived from cryosleep and given drugs to slow aging
  • 1985 - First Sister Alex is made, based off genetics from failed GM Subject #1163
  • 1999 - Caused Y2K scare by almost redirecting asteroid at Earth
  • 2004 - GM Subject #1163 escapes and becomes Dr. Mikoto Tachibana
  • 2007 - Bentley Neville Thompson revived from cryosleep and given age slowing drugs
  • 2008 - Failed Air Current Manipulation System AI deployed, AKA Airman
  • 2008 - BNT deployed into field to hunt down Airman


People Influenced by The Order

Why they're here 

The Order was interested in Kirishima Institute because of its top notch education, its students useful as new recruits. They also planted many agents there to make sure no one caught on the the strange unregistered advanced space stations.

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