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Can I make a character?

Of course you can, no need to ask! According to the wiki's first amendment, as long as the character isn't overpowered or offensive you may make them! If you aren't sure if your character is overpowered, ask a bureaucrat such as THELEGENDGIANTDAD or SomethingYuno!

How do I make a character?

Classes List


How do I add an infobox?

What is godmodding?

Mary Sues

Example Traits

  • Rainbow eyes
  • Overly sad backstory
  • Few bad traits
  • Many abilities
  • Unusually accomplished
  • "Just knows things"

When can I roleplay?

We are unsure about canon roleplays at the moment, but feel free to roleplay with other users otherwise!

What can I do besides roleplaying?

Lots of things! You can write stories, make art, or just go on chat to talk with other wiki users!