Vinny the Bus Driver

バス ドライバー ノ ビッニー


Basu Doraiba no Binny


Crazy Russian Bus Driver


Russian (Siberian)


Male Male


15px He


he says 32


5' 7"


145 lbs


March 30

Astrological Sign

15px Aries

Blood Type

In Soviet Russia, you don't have blood types. Blood types have you. Oh? It's not soviet anymore? Better get tested.


Chaotic Neutral

Personal Status
Educated in

Bachelor's in Art History


Bus Driver

Lives in

Novosibirsk, Russia

Additional Info
{{{additional info}}}


Vinny is a bus driver for an unnamed academy somewhere in the country. He seems like some crazy Russian (Siberian to be precise) guy driving a bus while running over moose.


Vinny the Bus Driver has a short but thick, scraggly beard. His mustache is somewhat lacking. He wears mirrored aviators and a wolf pelt ushanka hat at all times. His face has strangely sharp edges and is very chiseled. His right ear is clearly fake.


Vinny is very calm. Too calm. Once a kid almost died on his bus, and when he called the hospital and they said the helicopter couldn't get there in time, he just said, "Sorry kid, you're dying today." Luckily the helicopter made it.

Another example is when he got stabbed by a moose he tried to run over. He calmly stabbed the moose in the jugular, pulled himself off, and poured vodka on the wound. Then he skinned the moose and used that as a bandage. He paid the medical bills with that dead moose.

He always seems like he's been through any tough situation. He almost always knows what to do or if nothing can be done.

Backstory (what he tells everyone)

One day, Vinny was born in a small village in Siberia and he killed a moose with a vodka bottle shiv. Then he got a bus.

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